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Other teachers from across the United States, as well Russian teachers, will explore the Russian education system, examine the issue of exceptional needs students, and discuss successful techniques and effective strategies.

An excerpt reads, "We believe you will contribute valid expertise to the mission while gaining immeasurable knowledge through the experience."

"I've always thought I've wanted to play softball after high school," VanHoose said. "I don't want to quit playing, so hopefully it works out good."

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Nike Free Run 5.0 Floral

with the motto to "promote peace through international understanding."

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What does an All American girl do right before she graduates from high school? She signs a Division I athletic scholarship.

Preston said she has also been involved with the Special Olympics since 1985.

She didn't think it was for real. Who gets an invitation to Russia in the mail every day anyway? After a little research, she discovered that the letter she received on May 9 was indeed legitimate. Now, Elaine Preston, a teacher at Hatcher Elementary School, is headed to St. Petersburg, Russia, on Nov. 3.

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those kids. I don't know of anything she's not good at."

"She's the All American kid, she's everything rolled into one," Raceland coach Jason Clark said. "She's Nike Free Run 5.0 Floral a 3.95 GPA, the football Homecoming Queen, she's captain of the cheerleaders, captain of the volleyball team . She does it all. She's just one of Nike Free 4 V3 Price

Nike Free Run 5.0 Floral

According to information on the organization, in the spirit of shared experiences, participants will discuss common problems in the education of children with disabilities, compare recent findings, and evaluate areas for further collaboration.

The right hander headed to KC Diamond and began taking lessons with pitching coach Tony Ellis. She's also played travel ball during the summers with the KC Diamond Gems.

"The only reason I can think of regarding why I was invited is because I have always been a special education teacher. I am one of a few teachers who have remained in the field and not moved on to something else."

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"There are so many people doing so many wonderful things in this district. I'm just honored," she said.

VanHoose began playing softball as a third grader, growing up in the Raceland school system. Always the out going type, her pitching career just took off one day and she hasn't looked back.

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Nike Free Run 5.0 Floral

Softball's not the only thing VanHoose has going for her, excelling in several areas while at Raceland.

According to the ambassadors program, teachers will "visit classrooms, observe teaching methods and meet with international counterparts."

"Overwhelming" and "surprising" are adjectives Preston uses to describe her feelings about the letter.

Did you watch Tuesday night's presidential debate on one screen or two? If you answered "Why the heck would I need two screens to watch TV?," then you missed half the show. The rest of it was on Twitter, where the nation's journalists, comedians, politicians and armchair pundits were busy dissecting, fact checking, spinning and riffing on every word the candidates uttered, almost as fast as they could utter it. If you haven't experienced this for yourself, you're probably tempted to dismiss it as noise. And perhaps it would be, if it weren't so influential.

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"In All stars, my coach was pretty easy going and he said, 'Who wants to pitch?' and I said 'I will.' Then I started taking pitching lessons," VanHoose said.

Jill Scott, a delegation leader with the University of Texas, wrote the letter of invitation to Preston.

Conference team.

"Teachers become students as they step into a classroom in a foreign land. For education professionals, lifelong learning is the key to excellent teaching.

She's also looking forward to obtaining new information and ideas to bring back to her school and students.

"I am really grateful the school district is willing to let me go for a week."

"What I am really excited about it going to a Russian school to tour it and meet the teachers and students there to observe the differences and similarities of educating special needs students as compared to our system," she said.

Preston will assume responsibility for the cost of the trip to St. Petersburg, estimated at $4,500.

"I tell people all the time that I feel like it's surreal," she said.

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People to People International, a nonpolitical, private sector organization, was first established in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. During the past 50 years, PTPI ambassadors have traveled to all seven continents Nike Free 5.0 Ladies Black

As the only teacher in the state invited to this particular forum, she believes her years of experience prompted the invitation.

Raceland senior Paige VanHoose has inked a letter of intent to continue her softball career at the University of Dayton, an Atlantic 10 Nike Free Run 10.0

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