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witness who testified, the judge found that there was some bias towards the police, and I think we going to see that in the next trial coming up [from another G 20 incident] as well, he said.

in G20 assault

Const. Glenn Weddell was charged after Dorian Barton shoulder was broken on June 26, 2010.

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Weddell lawyer, meanwhile, applauded the honesty of the accuser.

was refreshing to see somebody like Mr. Barton, who came forward and actually testified in a very honest manner, he said. didn exaggerate his evidence. He said Nike Free 5.0 Black Mens

He also said the only eyewitness in the case a hospital worker was despite taking photos and video at the time, but not capturing the actual assault something which left some Nike Free 5.0 Flywire

Weddell is the first Toronto Police officer to go on trial for charges stemming from the G 20 summit.

glad to get back to a routine, Weddell told reporters outside the University Avenue Courthouse, Friday, saying he glad it no longer hanging over his head.

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Toronto cop found not guilty Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 Amp Men's Training Shoe

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What you witnessed took place on Queen street, miles away from Queens Park, and for that matter, twenty four hours before. My memory isn faulty. The cops on Queens Park rushed at Nike Free Run Womens protesters who had permission to be there that day. I guess they were determined to look tough after their complete inaction the day before as hooligans destroyed that police cruiser. In their rush, they rounded up tons of innocent people exercising their civil rights. I wasn there, so your insults don bother me but they do show that right wingers don like to hear bad things said about things they hold sacrosanct. Get used to it. It only going to get worse.

don know what struck me. All I know is I went to the ground and I was hurt who pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon testified the only contact he had with Barton that day was to help him off the ground.

reasonable doubt.

In delivering his verdict Friday, Justice Gregory Ellies said while he had about Weddell testimony, he believes the officer would have remembered striking Barton.

Police Union President Mike McCormack agreed with the judge.

glad he saw that I was innocent and I glad it over, said Weddell.

been hard on me and my family, and I just want to get back to doing what I love most policing the city. alleged a police officer hit him with a riot shield, knocking him to the ground, and that he was hit several more times, possibly with a baton. However, he testified that he did not actually see the officer who hit him.

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